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Kartimarket is a designer, importer, retailer and wholesaler of products made by artisans in the developing world. Our products blend contemporary design and functionality with local designs and skills, all under the framework of fair trade.

Kartimarket was founded on two core principles: design and development. The two go hand in hand; design increases the usability and aesthetic value of products for customers, and for artisans it adds monetary value to products they make. In other words, it leads to better products for customers and extra income for artisans and their communities, and hopefully an increase in living standards and social impact.


The company was started by brothers Chris and Jaya Thursfield, based on their collective experiences working in furniture and product design, charity and fair trade organisations in Asia and South America, as well as in the private sector. Born in Australia to British and Indonesian parents – spending their youth between these three countries quickly led to a passion for travel and a love of visiting markets collecting interesting art and crafts from around the world.

BAFTSKartimarket is an importer/supplier member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers.

What we do

Kartimarket - a designer, importer and online retail and trade store - works with artisans and fair trade organisations in developing countries to provide a bridge between the artisans and markets in the United Kingdom and Europe. Our aim is to make markets work for the poor in a way it aims to allow artisans to capture as much of the value-added as possible. As end-market buyers we have an important role in the value chain to transmit market information about end-customers’ preferences to producers in developing countries so that they make products that people want in terms of design, functionality and quality, at an affordable price. We also provide product design services; ‘tweaking’ producers’ existing designs, or designing new products from scratch. Overall, the better the products they make, the more they can sell, and the more they earn for their families and communities - a business-led approach to development.

Lombok Pottery Centre


Kartimarket.com offers customers in the UK & Europe well-designed, functional, affordable, fairly traded goods for inside and outside the home, all the while providing the artisans who make these products with improved access to overseas markets and better incomes.


A world where all people have a realistic and equal opportunity to access and make a decent living through the domestic and international markets.


Chris obtained a degree in Industrial Design at Monash University, Melbourne, cutting his teeth as a product designer in The Netherlands and Australia before going freelance in furniture and interior design. While working between Melbourne and London as an interior architect/designer he found time to start up Sataybar, a small restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, and 18,000 Islands, a range of sauces based on our Indonesian grandmother's recipes - delicious!

Jaya studied economics and Asian studies at Monash University before working for the Australian government in Canberra and Papua New Guinea. While working for a couple of years at an international development charity in Tokyo in 2003-2005, Jaya became interested in fair trade and subsequently went to Ecuador to work as a volunteer for a fair trade organisation (Camari, now one of our suppliers), before moving to London and working in the banking sector. Jaya has an MSc in Development Management at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE).

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